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Monogrammed Laptop Bags

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The cutest bag for your laptop, netbook or tablet; don't just toss that wonderful piece of technology in some old gray backpack! Pack your beloved computer in a great new bag; complete with your embroidered monogram! Pack your mouse, power supply, mouse pad, wireless network cards, PDA, GPS, thumb drive, zip drive, DVDs, CDs, software--you name it! There's lots and lots of space; all this, and these cases are personalized, too!

  • Inside divided compartment measures 16" x 12"
    (big enough for some 17" laptops and perfect for netbooks!)
  • Even has a special opening that allows you to tote your computer securely around the handle of your luggage!
  • Makes a wonderful graduation gift
  • Loaded with more pockets than we can count!
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Padded inside to protect your equipment
  • Extra strong fabric and zippers
  • 2 large interior compartments, each padded
  • Heavyweight canvas
  • Major cuteness!

Removable shoulder strap stores inside!
Laptop Bags with Embroidered Monogram
Black and Pink Laptop Bag Brown and Pink Laptop Bag Hot Pink and Green Laptop Bag

These bags are very well made and heavily padded to protect your computer!

Will my laptop or tablet fit?

To know for sure, measure your computer when it's closed; if it's not bigger than 16" wide and 12" deep, it should fit just fine. If you have any questions, please sure to call us or send us an email.

Our new laptop bag features a Puter Pocket!
Hidden little pocket on the back allows you to attach your computer securely to your luggage!


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Monogramming these wonderful bags was a special challenge for us. Not only is the fabric thick and strong, but the padding is twice what an "average embroiderer" would tackle. In fact, all of the other commercial folks we took these bags to didn't even bother to try -- they just took a look and said no way, that's can't be done. "No way"?

We ruined lots of wonderful laptop bags trying every trick in the book, broke scads of perfectly good needles, and did our share of head scratching. We were starting to think maybe all those other folks were right.

But our production boss, Lucy, is anything but average. Not only is she extremely talented in creating some of our most beautiful designs, but she's willing and eager to take on new projects, like this particular bag. We were all amazed when she showed us that first perfectly monogrammed laptop bag.

That we know of, we're the only folks anywhere that are able to embroider these cases. And embroider them, we do. We love it when we hear one of our competitors say "no way." (Well, Lucy does, anyway.)

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